Leather Journal Arthur – September 2013

Once Upon A Time …we were addressed by an aspiring novelist … and he asked us to make a book in which he could write down their stories … 🙂
He showed us a digital picture, which depicted a knight. That’s what he wanted to see the picture on the cover.
We are also very inspiring of work illustrator Kerem Beyit, so we are pleased to have decided to try to create on the basis of its digital drawing real portrait in an oval, as in ancient castles. 🙂
We hope we succeeded))

The painting is made entirely by hand with acrylic. When painting the artist used a brush.
The book block is sewn by hand and has 160 pages.
In addition to the block enclosing satin bookmark, suitable for the style of the portrait.
At the request of the customer first few pages were filled with texts of Lovecraft.

Available on ETSY!


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