Leather Long coat of the Fallen Explorer – May 2013

Long coat of the witch hunter of the game “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning”.

This is an example of our work. To order, please contact us.

It is based on the original concept of “Witch Hunter 2011”.
In the game concept represents by a model “Longcoat of the Fallen Explorer”.
Genuine leather, acrylic painting, with antique accessories (buttons).
Made for order and by Order to LARP “Warhammer 2013: Lustria”.

We take custom orders 😉

The history of this coat here.

If you would like us to tailor something especially for you, please, send us an email (svetliysudar@gmail.com).

We gradually place all our products in stores, but if you don’t find something, just ask us 🙂
Our store on Inspieruplift.




    • Hello, Chris!

      Welcome to our family workshop 🙂
      We are glad that you liked the results of our work and decided to contact us!

      We already sewed longcoats for XL size, for such a long coat it’ll cost 3500 $, including all materials and shipping (we use EMS or BxB).
      This price is for placing and paying for order via marketplaces (you can read about other payment methods here – https://svetliysudarworkshop.wordpress.com/payment-methods/) at the current exchange rate.

      We sewed the longcoat in the photo in 2013, and at the moment we can make some points better and closer to the original.
      So, we would make the skull and the pattern on the back a bit more voluminous and change the buckles on the sides.

      For sewing, we’ll need your measurements, you can find our measurement questionnaire and guide here -https://svetliysudarworkshop.wordpress.com/2017/10/03/svetliy-sudar-leather-arts-workshop-measurement-guide/

      If you have clarifying questions, do not hesitate to ask us – svetliysudar@gmail.com

      Best Regards,
      Alex & Anastasia
      ≈ Svetliy Sudar Leather Arts Workshop © ≈


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