Leather Coat Strider (inspired Aragorn LOTR) – June 2014

In summer 2014  we collected the set “Strider” based on Aragorn costume.
At the moment, we present you this Duster. It is made of genuine leather and has a connecting joints only on the shoulders. In other places it connects lacing, which is passed into the fortified skin edges. This allows to remove the sleeves or the bottom pieces for easy transportation or carrying.
Closes with three pairs of braided leather straps, still called “mystery bride”.
 We used the cattle leather thickness 1.2-1.4 mm with soft flesh side, so that the cloak was not only pleasant to the touch, but warm enough.
All items cord tightly enough and sleeveless design allows you to freely raise your hand.It was our first work with Aragorn duster…

But in 2020-2021 we made a real one replica, exactly the same, as movie version.
All photos of it will be published soon, stay tooned 😉
But you already can read about it’s making and watch teaser-photos here –

Making a replica of Aragorn’s costume

We take custom orders. Contact us for estimation – svetliysudar@gmail.com 🙂




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