Leather cover for e-book Adepta Sororitas- February 2014

This handmade leather cover for e-book we created specially for the birthday of our friend!
At first we could not choose a theme for a gift. He really likes Warhammer 40k universe, but he also loves anime … We could not reconcile the irreconcilable … 🙂

But then we eyes caught Interpretation of Warhammer character in the style of anime, and we decided that this is exactly what we need!

Time before the birth was not enough, and the pattern was quite complicated, so a few nights Anastasia spent in the workshop…but the result, we think, it was worth it!

Cover sewn from genuine leather. All seams are stitched on the sewing machine. Picture is made entirely by hand with a brush.

If you want us to do a cover for your e-book to your size and wishes, just leave a request on an individual order on Etsy 🙂


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