Leather Journal Alice – Madness Returns – November 2013

In 2013, this handemade leather journal ordering our friend for her classmate.
She said that she liked a series of computer games Alice – Madness Returns.
And it would be very nice to get something with the theme of the game. Therefore, we were completely free to choose the design of this project.

To cover design, we certainly have chosen the famous Cheshire cat! ^ _____ ^
But we have chosen a very dark skin for notebook, so it will fit to the image of a cat, so the notebook gets rather bleak … In addition we also like this game, so we really wanted to capture the atmosphere of Wonderland … with all these butterflies and magic mushrooms ! 😉
For flyleaf we chose juicy and bright art, which drew by hand with acrylic on leather.
On the second flyleaf we decided to paint the door to Wonderland 🙂 We found it very conceptual:)) And we have written on the spine the famous quote from the game 🙂

And we liked it so much what happened in the end, we decided to create from this a gift set!
We have added a gift box, we fitted a satin blue outside and light blue inside.
In addition, we have added to the notebook blue satin bookmark with a key from that Door and a bottle of magic potion “Drink me!” :))

We tie a bow, and as such this set was handed to the customer!

You can get all the details about the order in our store – Etsy.


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