Leather Journal The Diary of Grey Knights – June 2014

“I am the hammer, I am the right hand of the Emperor, the instrument of His will, the gauntlet about His fist, the tip of His spear, the edge of His sword.”

Embossed think sheep leather and veg-tanned cattle leather (2-3 mm) , carving, molding, decorative painting (brush).
6 x 8 inches, on the rings, with two tabs, locked into paired coburn button.

It was very interesting to experiment with this project.

Initially we were going to put the image of the Grey Knights symbols on the cover of the notebook, but in the process of working on the layout we had the idea to make three-dimensional embossing book.

But when we started, it was not enough for us … and we did a simulation of an open book from vegetable tanned leather and has placed her name, symbols, and the oath.

In addition, a bookmark in the book we have been able to make real. Besides the sword it became three-dimensional, which is part of the symbolism of this order.

For the diary itself, we also made two tabs, the same as a small book 🙂

We can make such a project for you under the order. Contact us – svetliysudar@gmail.com
Our shop – here.



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