Steampunk Headphones – The Watchmaker – April 2014

In the spring of 2014 we received a rather unusual for our workshop order. The unusual this order consisted in that the customer would like to tune the headphones Beats Pro in the style of steampunk. After some discussion, we decided that to save the acoustics do not wake up to make any changes in the design of the headphones. Thus we have not had a chance to disassemble and assemble them – all the design ideas we can implement only the “outside”. The task proved to be quite difficult, because this style implies a primarily functional things. When you hear the “steampunk” you represent all the cogs, gears and bolts, which interact with each other! However, the headphones were designed for the person who loves to listen to music anywhere and actively move around the city … any bulky items in this case could only interfere.

So we decided to make a compromise. And since we are still a workshop for working with leather, the main focus we decided to do was to work through the leather parts.
We really like the theme of steampunk corsets! So we seem pretty interesting idea to finish the frame of headphones exactly in this direction. To do this, we picked up leather with a wonderful vintage effect, made her pattern of gears in some places, hot stamping, to make the texture more interesting, and carved out a “corset”. The grommets picked up the brass and for lacing have braided string of thin leather.

In a couple of the arch we have sewn covers, which simply put on the “ears” and tightly tightened around the perimeter.
We primarily associated steampunk with the mechanisms in the first place with the clock, so to finish the outer plane of the of headphones we have chosen motive of clockwork. To do this, we needed to move the drawing mechanism on vegtanned leather and embossed work out all its parts. In addition, we picked up a vintage gear that installed in the right place.
Necessary to mention that the headphones themselves from weapons-grade aluminum and their natural color was matt silver.
In this regard, we had a large amount of paint (paint for metal and acrylic). As a result, we have tried to give them the color of old brass.
All volume elements on the case we’ve done with the help of decorative paint to create pearls, which has good adhesion and thus holds a hemispherical shape after drying.

Finally twisted cord! 🙂 To finish it, we have chosen two types of materials: thin leather with vintage effects and brighter braided nylon cord.

Could only come up with a name for them, and we decided that the “The Watchmaker” – the best.
However, the process of working with them was so fun that we decided to make a bonus to the order – wooden gift box, which we stuffed the sheets vintage newspaper The Graphic.

If you want us to do something similar with your headphones, leave the personal order and we will update the price for you on ETSY! 🙂


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