Francesco Alonzo Miralyano (inspired Thief) – October 2014

francesco_alonzo_miralyano__inspired_thief__by_svetliy_sudar-d83s931In summer 2014 we have been sewn costume based on the game Thief for Francesco Alonzo Miralyano – character LARP “Warhammer 2014: Lustria 2”.

Our main task was to combine and adapt the suit for the realities of departure for role-playing game, as well as make it comfortable, without losing aesthetic source.

Initially, it was necessary to develop a design of the bodice, making it functional and that “male”, not like the female counterparts of similar products.

Cope with this has helped us in the first place cut, something resembling a wide belt. An important role is also played by a strict black leather and different textures, which allowed without altering the color, make items different from each other in appearance.

Adjusting the lacing allows, if necessary, wear a corsage as a suit or other clothing. One important task was to preserve the appearance of the original source, which we have carried out all the details of the proportional adaptation suit customer’s individual sizes, as well as study of the embroidery on all elements.

The character of PC game has full leather suit, which allows to mount various items directly to each other. The basis of our project was the same county, as it is more comfortable in a role-playing game. Linen was selected not only for the quality of the fabric (German costume), but also by subjective indicators – tactile feel to the fabric was nice when worn next to the skin. Shirt, pants and hood were tailored separately for convenience socks, but the elements of a cut, such as a two-arm, the presence of codpiece design and hood were as close as possible to the original. Shirt and pants are split jumpsuit tailored on the figure, thus avoiding extra folds under the corsage.

Despite all these advantages, the choice of linen complicated costume design in general, and in particular the fixing of the bodice.
In this regard, the design of the bodice were added extensive three-part shoulder straps that mimic elements of the original costume sewn and fixed corsage in position.
While working on the set of a lot of attention was paid to the accessories: gloves, bracers, elbow, waist, leg, knee and shins.

When creating bracers was necessary to combine the appearance of three-piece design (as in a game) and functionality in use. Side connectors are simulated, and the power cord Bracers familiar from the central connector. However, to preserve the appearance of the original decorative upper and lower functional lacing cord single cord, which took more than 5 meters on each bracer. :)

Asymmetrical elbow – on the right hand, he is a shield that covers the top of the forearm, elbow and shoulder bottom; on his left hand – bracers and covers only the forearm and elbow.
Belt design as close as possible to the original. To him fasten the sheath for a dagger and a sword, which hung to his belt cord, so as not to hamper the movement of the extra leather loops and fixed on the hips.

In the original, knees, shins and pants gathered into a single structure, which is not very sustainable, in our view, in the field of active LARP. In this regard, the knees are designed as a separate element of the costume.

Shin, for special customer requirements, are made of a dense leather so that they can be put as with any soft leather shoes, and with army boots, depending on the conditions at the site.

The two-layer construction of all elements eliminates the possibility of an inner side to the other parts of the costume. All elements are governed by the buckles on the back of tightening through the oval frame.

Special thanks to Vyacheslav Potemkin (for photographers).
Our workshop thanks shop “Golden Calf” and in particular Faye Odobescu for help in choosing the skin)

Do not hesitate to ask! :) (Smile)
If you want us to something like that, you can always contact us –


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