Leather diary Back in the USSR – December 2015



We just finished this interesting project. :)
Diary in style 70’s will go to Japan :)

This interesting journal we made specifically for the group of students of the Japanese center in St. Petersburg, who wanted to please his fellow student from Japan.
He is interested in attributes of the USSR, so we do not accidentally choose a design for the cover.
In addition, the return to Japan, he published a very amusing notes about his trip to Russia. :) It is they decorate each page of the diary. And we’ve added a fun illustration – hopefully they will enjoy him.

For this project, we picked up the parchment leather as much as possible like a paper for diplomas and leather that resembles an old suitcase, if you know what I mean. :)
All drawing made by hand with acrylic using a brush.

Can be found on Etsy.


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