Raincoat of field investigator. Faction: templars – February 2015

Includes: coat, vest, removable pelerine, removable lining, belt.
Raincoat made on an individual design of the customer, the growth 186 and the size of 64 .
The basis of the concept was the Order of the Templar MMORPG «The Secret World».
Customer Testimonial.
Raincoat closed for Two-way zipperthere are buckle on the collar and cuffs.
Lining tacked by lightning, which is hemmed response to the cloak leather belt 4 cm wide, which avoids the inconvenience of wearing. Additionally lining is fixed buttons at the waist and sleeves. There are lined pockets for documents and details. Below the waist lining is leather, which gives the cloak greater wear resistance.
All bearing seams are reinforced with leather straps.
Functional buckles and hooks – power.
The modular system allows you to wear pelerine and a belt, as a cloak, and the vest, for which there are buttons and belt loops.
The kit is designed for everyday wear, but is tailored in such a way that it can be used on LARP, fence and move actively.
When sewing the cloak were used: cattle leather 1,1 – 1,2 mm (Russia), the skin of cattle 0.9 – 1.0 mm (Italy), pork 0.6-0.8 (South Korea), cotton 100 %.
In the manufacture of vests have been used: the skin of cattle 2,8-3.0 mm (Lithuania), the skin of cattle 1,1 – 1,2 mm (Russia).


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