Sketchbook Steam Powered Zeppelin – March 2015

This leather steampunk sketchbook we made to order specifically as a gift to the artist.
The artist is a fan of the band Steam Powered Giraffe, so it was important for us to convey the atmosphere not only steampunk style, but also of this music!
For this purpose we have developed a design for sketchbook in a similar style with the album of the group MKIII.
Well, after the approval of the sketch we started thinking, how do we implement it in life :)

First we select the appropriate pieces of vegtanned leather, transferred pattern and emboss it. When leather pieces has dried we are using nail polish remover to transfer on it the vintage wallpaper pattern which we have already prepared and printed. After that, we with diluted acrylic painted strips of wallpaper. Finally it was possible to start painting! ;)
We really like romantic victorian style, but we wanted to add something bright in this gloomy atmosphere. Therefore, our artist painted a very bright sunny sky with birds and light clouds! :)

Well and inside everything is practical :)
To give sketchbooks additional strength and stiffness between the upper leather and the lining leather we put cardboard. To lining leather we have sewn 27 slots for pencils and 3 large slots erasers and sharpeners.  On the right side we have fixed clamp for sheets (a4). And for easy closing on the back side there are two rubber bands that went for two buttons similar to the vintage door handles.

To make the painting resistance we covered it by varnish matt.

Available on ETSY!


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