Viking Leather Jacket (inspired Ragnar Lothbrok)


We finished work on the jacket based on TV series “Vikings”. :)
For a basis was taken the one of the Ragnar’s jackets , however, the customer wanted to make some design changes (e.g., shoulders). :)
So in the end we’ve got something new … something that could be easily used as another costume for Ragnar :)

The jacket was sewn from soft and durable goatskin. We picked up more atmospheric leather with a natural “aging” for cover plates.
We would like to note the laces in the armpits as a design feature. In addition, the sleeves have hidden lacing for elongation.
We have kept the style of decorative finishes of Ragnar jackets, but adapted it to custom size and the modified collar.

If you want us to make such a jacket for you on your size – contact us 🙂

P.S. While there were rains, we were able to finish the thematic belt and some outfit.

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