Bloodborne Lady Maria leather hat (replica) / Maria Hunter Cap


“Among the first hunters, all students of Gehrman, was the lady hunter Maria. This was her hunter’s cap, crafted in Cainhurst.
Maria is distantly related to the undead queen, but had great admiration for Gehrman, unaware of his curious mania”(с)

At last we have finished the first part of the Lady Maria set  and now we want to share with you the history of its creation!

Maria_hat6It was one of the most difficult hats that we sewed lately, so before we created a full-size hat we decided to try out patterns on a small model in a scale of 1:3.

But first of all, we drew for inspiration a sketch that most closely matches the game model.

And then we cut out a small wooden blank, on which we were going to mold the crown. On this blank, we drew patterns of the dome details.

Looking ahead, we can say that we had to do this twice, since the first option was still not accurate enough.

In these photos you can see the sequence of operations: marking patterns, close-fitting, part marking, edge thinning, stitching…

And as I said, in the end it turned out that we made an inaccuracy in the construction of the back of the crown.

In the screenshots we saw small protruding parts in the back of the crown.

So we had to adjust our blank with sculptural clay. And the leather parts, of course, had to be cut out anew.

The difference between the two crowns is obvious. And the fields in the second version turned out to be much more similar to the reference. 🙂

After we have achieved the similarity in form, it remains to wax the details and sew the hat.  In addition, it was necessary to refine the edge with tucked goat leather, 0.5 mm thick and machine stitch 1.5 mm, pick up feathers and make a aluminum brooch (size 8 x 13 mm).

As a result, we have a charming collection Bloodborne Lady Maria leather mini hat (replica scale 1:3).


But it was only half the battle *sinister laugh* :))))))

So, we had a small model, but we still needed to make full-size patterns…

Just like with a small hat, we took a wooden blank and adjusted its form with a sculptural clay. Then we drew the patterns directly on it.  At the same time, we considered several options for the design of fields and eventually chose the second.


As for the assembly and finishing, in the full-size version we did everything the same as in miniature (close-fitting, part marking, edge thinning, stitching…), simply in a larger amount. 🙂

Brooch for the full-sized model is made of plastic and for its design and manufacture, many thanks to Anastasia MiraMarta. ^_^

And of course, in the end we had to choose feathers! 😉

We had two options and we chose gray feathers, because they were more in line with the spirit of Bloodborne.

As a result, after two weeks of work, we got a replica of the Maria Hunter Cap and we hope that you like it! 😉

If you want us to make such a hat for you on your size – contact us 🙂

And for those who have finished reading, a small bonus…Lady Maria and her “little sis”… 😉


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Alex & Anastasia


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