Leather Bottle Holder Medieval Style


All of you probably know that we are making the most accurate replica of Ragnar’s jacket … and even some of our own variations of this famous jacket … 😉

But if you have not seen them yet, you can find them here.

Whatever it was, it inspired us to create such a unique accessory like this. 🙂


This leather holder is perfect for storing your bottle of wine, whiskey or excellent beer out of sunlight or bringing it out with you wherever adventure will lead you!


It is made of genuine leather (goatskin) in the style of our Viking’s jacket. The walls and the bottom consist of three layers: leather, soft stuffed material and flax.

The holder is tightened on the ties. The handle is sewn tightly, so you can hang your bottle directly on the belt.


The perfect gift for whiskey and beer lovers, this holder fits most whiskey, scotch, and wine bottles – any bottle up to 3.375″ (~85 mm) in diameter.


In addition, such an accessory will perfectly complement your medieval look or viking costume!


Already available on Etsy!

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