5 Anniversary of our Workshop


Today is March 12, which means that in a week we will celebrate the Birthday of our Workshop! 🎂

One of the first belt bags, 2009
Sketch for a bag from Anastasia, 2011

For the first time I started working with genuine leather in the spring of 2009, and in 2011 we already made some joint projects with Anastasia…

But in fact, our family workshop really took shape on March 19, 2013, when we bought a sewing machine specially for the leather and moved to our Flower Street.

5 years is a great date, so we can start preparing in advance.
What are we planning ..? 😉 Of course, to celebrate! 🎉🎉🎁🎈🎉

In the meantime, during this week, my wife and I will “shake up archives” and tell you about different things and events that have happened to us and the Workshop during these five years … ✨

It’ll be interesting for us to recall these pleasant little things, and you, we hope, will be curious to read about it ..!

P.S. In our store on Etsy, there definitely will  be 5% discount on everything from March 19 – do not miss it!

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