Leather diary Mearas – January 2013

Рохан Гот 31

In 2013, we created more than three dozen different notebooks, diaries and notebooks.

But on the mind first of all comes the Leather diary Mearas (working title “Rohan”). The history of its creation deserves attention …

In January 2013, before we moved to our current workshop, we went “out of town” for a small creative vacation … away from civilization and the Internet …)))

In case if we’ll suddenly get bored, we took several pieces of different leather, a pyrography, an album, colored pencils and craft paper…well, in general, what is there usually people take with them on vacation … :))) And since access to the Internet was not foreseen, we also took hard-disk with our favorite films.

As a result, on one long winter evening, while we watched the second part of the Lord of the Rings, the idea of an embossed leather diary with the Rohirrim symbol was born.

It’s not hard to guess that the legendary white horse and the flag elements were in the center of attention.

The frame that was used to create the sketch.

But for the cover that was not enough… We thought about the design of the frame for a long time. Considered the interiors of Edoras … and eventually stopped at the carved elements of the decoration of the palace.

A few more frames of “hell” quality. :)))

Of course, they had to be recycled so that the pattern could be repeated on the leather. Corners didn’t turn out right away too (the sketch shows that there were at least three options).


And now, when everything was finally understood with the concept, we were faced with the problem of the absence of our working computer at hand…we had to draw the drawing for pyrography by hand…actually, it was not easy at all…. )))

And then there was a priography… a lot and a long time… first a frame, and then a central drawing…


Рохан Гот 31

The result we were very pleased! So much so that we even changed our mind about dyeing the leather in red, like we were going to first.
Later we tried on several color schemes (in the style of Andy Warhol;)) to this diary, but in the end we decided that nothing better than a natural cognac shade of this leather!

Andy Warhol;)

As for the “internal content” … now we certainly would have done it better, but at that time we did not plan to deal with bindings and did not have the necessary skills. So the corners and the fixing of the pages leave much to be desired …)))


But nevertheless, this work rightfully occupies one of the first places in the list of our most beloved ..!

Рохан коллаж 1

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