Concerning hobbit’s… Backpack…


Hi!) It’s Anastasia, and today I’ll tell you about how we created our first screen accurate replica – Leather Hobbit’s Backpack (inspired Bilbo Baggins) from The LOTR and The Hobbit movie trilogies.

il_fullxfull-549032408_jtjdIn December 2012, the first part of the “Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” appeared on the screens and we fell in love with this backpack at first sight!

I remember the first thing I said after leaving the cinema: “We just have to do such a backpack! We have never done such difficult things! Let’s try!”

Impressions, of course, there was a lot … but with the references everything was much worse… Nevertheless, our “hands itched”, so in the intervals between orders, we searched for any information that would help us. We even once again quickly reviewed the beginning of the first part of The Lord of the Rings, in which this backpack (already shabby) appears in the frame for a couple of seconds. 🙂


In addition, we managed to get scans from the art book with drawings of the backpack, which simplified our calculations a little.


As a result, we have begun to select materials only in October… And who would have thought how difficult it would be to find the brown leather of the right color: not too dark, so as not to appear black; not too light, so that there is a contrast with the side walls; not too glossy, but also not polished…

In November 2013, we finally managed to choose leather (four kinds for different details), the right flex (for lining) and the fittings that suited us both! 🙂

As my diary shows, we started work on this project on December 3, 2013 at 22.50. The next time mark (among the endless pages with calculations of proportions and patterns) suggests that by December 5 we have already worked with this 17 hours.

We really wanted to finish it for the premiere of the second part, so this was just the case when we worked intermittently only for sleep and food… Nothing can motivate better than your own stubbornness! 🙂

And on December 9 we finally finished work on it! It tooks: about 35 feet of leather, a meter of flax, 5 buckles, a handful of rivets, one beautiful button and 52 hours of painstaking work.


The result inspired us so much that we found the strength to add small but nice bonuses: a hand-embroidered letter-logo and a miniature Red Book.



And then we turned the whole house upside down in search of the right scenery for an improvised photo shoot … but that’s another story … 🙂

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