Creating of Aragorn’s costume (replica) Part 1

Aragorn’s costume replica (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

We should have been writing about this project for a long time ago, but this season there were so many interesting things, so we didn’t get around to it… 🙂

This spring we had a very interesting order for sewing. We rarely work with cloth ( first of all we are a leather workshop), but nevertheless we gladly take up complex projects that we like.

But let’s start from the beginning… 🙂

Strider’s Duster (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

Aragorn’s costume rightfully occupies one of the first places in the list of our favorite! Of course, we made costumes more complicated… and detailed… but what to do… this is love… 🙂

We made the very first duster of the Strider in 2014. Then it was part of the “larp” kit and was a stylization, rather than an exact replica.

Nevertheless, we tried to get as close to the original in terms of cuts and proportions. And judging by the fact that later we sewed several more such capes to order…we succeeded. 🙂

And yet there were differences: the lack of “lining” on the sleeve, a little thicker skin, no aging. In our “justification” we can say that this was dictated by the wishes of the customers. But we hope someday to make everything perfect! :)))


To this coat in the set we sewed also a camisole. It can also be called an interpretation, rather than a replica.

There are obvious differences: glossy leather, solid parts without connectors on the belt and without “patches”, smooth neat edges of the bottom, all the same lack of aging.

But anyway, the costume as a whole looks very good.

However, in the process of working with this kit, we shoveled so much material with LOTR costumes and collected such an extensive selection of references for Aragorn that we were impatiently waiting for the moment when we could apply all this in full! 🙂

The case presented itself only after a few years … 🙂


During this time we became more experienced in the matter of making replicas of costumes, so we took up this order with great pleasure.

akcrezdr_n4At first glance, this jacket seems quite simple, it is even called a tabard. Nevertheless, behind this deceptive simplicity are the days of painstaking work.

First of all, we had to deal with the pattern (for this we raised our entire archive of  LOTR references and quickly reviewed the first two parts of the film). And then adapted these patterns to the customer’s figure. Well, then the most interesting began…

Fortunately, (but unfortunately for us) it was almost impossible to find the leather with such a “shabby” look. 🙂 So we had to put a lot of work to age/weather all the details before the assembly.

And then again after the assembly … but already in those places where it was necessary to imitate shabbiness. We also polished all the edges of the wrapping bands, because otherwise they had a “new” look after the knife.

Aragorn’s Camisole Reference

A separate issue was in the selection of suitable threads for sewing pads and in the technology of weaving ties.

Ideal thread (as always :)) of course was not found, so we again painted our rough cotton thread, which helped us out not the first time.

And as for the strings … it was an epic adventure … during which we both mastered the pair-weaving techniques of leather weaving! And maybe “A day may come when” … all of this will come in handy … “But it is not this day.”

In short, all of these cords were too cumbersome and “heavy.” As a result, we stopped at the usual plaits, which we pulled and cylindered.

Replica of Aragorn’s Camisole/Vest (details)

And finally, the edge… That’s where we could have fun … to rub, to tear and make a holes! :))  The customer asked for the option of aging “light”, so we did not do too much. We did not dirty it, and not tear off the pads. So we will consider this version as a replica of the jacket from the first part of the film.

gabpoavxul8And finally, this year (as we said at the beginning :)) we received an order not only for the new version of Aragorn’s jacket (Lord of the Rings: Two Towers), but also for his gray shirt … which, frankly, we wanted to make for a long time ago.

As for the camisole … it can be said that it remained the same, with the exception of more intensive aging.

We added spots and holes. And repeated the same lining on the back, as well as in front.

And we had our reasons. Of the obvious: the size of the customer (to find whole goat skins for tailoring to XXL is practically not realistic).

On the other hand, if we logically argue, the lining on the camisole protects it from abrasion by the belt. So, in theory, they should also be behind the belt. And since we did not find a reference that would disprove it, we hid the connectors under them. 🙂

Thank you for reading this part to the end … in detail about creating a shirt and a master class on embroidery will be written in the second part very soon! Do not miss!

You can place an order if you want us to make such a shirt, vest or duster on your size in Our shop (accept PayPal, Gpay, credit/debt cards) 🙂 Or contact us if you you have any questions about such a costume for you 🙂

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Alex & Anastasia
Svetliy Sudar Leather Arts Workshop


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