Jon Snow Quilted Armor (replica) by Svetliy Sudar Leather Arts Workshop


This is the most accurate replica of Jon Snow leather quilted armor from seasons 7 and 8 of Game of Thrones!

We have developed a pattern based on historical analogues of quilted armor, but with preservation of the appearance of armor from the TV series.

Jupon of Charles VI of France, placed in Chartres Catedral in the late 14th century


It took more than two weeks to construct the pattern, but now we can sew such armor to any size according to your individual measurements.

The quilting pattern completely repeats the pattern in the reference (Season 7).
And although it seems to be a simple “chequered”, in fact there is not a single square there!


By the way, it took 410 ft (125 m) of seams for stitching and quilting of all armor. :)


The material of the upper part and lining the bottom parts: genuine leather (not glossy!).
The lining of the top parts and sleeves is made of linen fabric to make the armor more comfortable to wear.


The front part and the sleeves (almost to the elbow) are laced with a leather cord.CRW_0204

This quilted armor can be worn separately, with a gorget or riveted armor.

Instagram – here!

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