Making a replica of Aragorn’s costume

It’s probably not a secret for anyone that our family workshop has special warm feelings for the Lord of the Rings universe 🙂 Each project related to LOTR, commissioned or free, gives us great pleasure in the process of working, allowing us to dive into one of our favorite fandoms.

But Aragorn’s costume has a special place in our portfolio…
We first started working with it in 2014, when we sewed the first coat based on the movie trilogy. Then already in 2017 there was a replica of the vest and the gray shirt from the first part.
You can read about it here –

And in 2019, we received a unique offer – to create a complete Strider costume for a private LOTR mini-museum in France 🙂 And we’re extremely happy that we accepted it, even though we had to work on this project in very difficult circumstances (technical problems in the Workshop , pandemic…and delivery fell on March 2022). Nevertheless, it was this work and communication with the same enthusiastic people that supported and motivated us all this time and continues to inspire us to this day. 🙂

Bracers and boots are still in work, but most of the costume is already in France and now we are waiting for a photo from the customer to share with you)

In the meantime, let’s briefly talk about what exactly was done for this costume.

Firstly, the Strider’s gray shirt…one of those elements of the costume that is almost invisible, but you know it’s there))

Secondly, an elongated leather vest…after 5 years of work on its design, we still managed to bring it to a perfect match.

Thirdly, the Strider’s duster…we really want to tell you more about it. In addition, a separate wish for this kit was intensive aging (references from the Return of the King). So we will try to write an article about it).
The photo shows the basic model with minimal aging.

Fourth, the glove 🙂

And finally, elements that are completely new for us, which we had to design from scratch: a camp bed-roll and a quiver. They definitely deserve a separate article, but for now let’s show the finished result)

In the near future we hope to sort out all the accumulated material and write in detail about each element of the costume.
So this article can be considered a kind of announcement or teaser 🙂

If you want us to make such a costume for you – contact us 🙂

P.S. If you liked our story – share it, like it or leave a comment – so we can see that you are interested. And we will try to write articles more often and better.

Alex & Anastasia
Svetliy Sudar Leather Arts Workshop

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