Hunter Leather Hats (Bloodborne) by Svetliy Sudar Leather Arts Workshop

Cosplay by ▽ Miramarta & Muraki ▽ (photo: SEIPHOTO)

We started working with our first Hunter hat in August 2015. And, we must admit, its design threw us several difficult tasks. Before that, we had never made a one-piece crown for hats, so this question caused a lot of debate between us about whether it was even worth making such a complex hat for cosplay… But in the end, it was persistence that won out. :))

To implement our idea, it took a long and dreary hand to grind a wooden blank…but the result was worth it!

The first model of the Hunter’s hat, 2015

The next hat we made was for the fall conventions of the same year and we had the opportunity to work on the shape a little more.

The “nose” of the game model was narrower than the first one, so we decided to redesign the shape of the brims a bit. At that time, we were very pleased with ourselves…But in fact, there was still something to work on. :))

This model took part in the shooting of Aku | 悪 and as far as we know, our customer still visits festivals in it (which, of course, makes us very happy). 🙂

In 2016, we received an order to create a more accurate replica of the game model…and again began to redo the patterns!

This time we paid special attention to detailing the edge and folds, while trying to keep the geometry of those parts that previously turned out quite well.

In addition, we really wanted to make a lining for this hat, so in parallel we were still solving the issue of its pattern and sewing.

So, the result, as it seems to us, was again improved, but was not yet as close to the ideal as we would like. 🙂

So in 2017 we decided to refine it again. This time we shortened the “ears” keeping all other proportions, but changed the shape of the folds. We wanted to summed up our three-year experiment. This is how the original shortened model turned out…

…and then the Hunter Leather Hat v.3 Inspired Bloodborne that we still make to this day (you can find it in our shop).

In 2018, we did not make new models, only slightly improving existing ones…But in 2019, thanks to cooperation with our friends ▽ Miramarta & Muraki ▽ cosplay, we have a brand new Bloodhunter hat in our collection, made according to the figurine of the same name.

And although we didn’t have to make it from scratch, we could take the model v.3 as a basis…absolutely everything had to be reworked in it: the shape of the crown, brims, edging (or rather, its absence :)) and even the leather coloring scheme. But this model still occupies a special place in our collection.

It was a pleasure for us to complement the costume of the Hunter for Muraki_cosplay and we always follow new photo projects with interest ^_^

In 2020, we made another variation of this model in darker shades.

And we are very proud that the new Hunter in our Bloodborne family turned to us, because the first impression in cosplay is hard to overestimate! 🙂

Both versions of this model can be found in our store – Hunter Leather Hat Bloodhunter Inspired Bloodborne.

In 2021, we decided to rework our very first models as well, because they were still very popular with customers, but required minor adjustments.
So, the Hunter’s Hat (Hunter Leather Hat v.1 Inspired Bloodborne) – has become more compact and concise compared to 2015.

And the Hunter Leather Hat v.2 Inspired Bloodborne – compared to the 2016 model, we have almost completely redone in order to bring it as close as possible to the Bloodborne The Old Hunters figure.
Both of these models are now available to order in our store on an ongoing basis.

And finally, this year we returned to the most canonical one again – the in-game model of the Hunter’s hat…
We took our v.1 as a basis, but at the same time we significantly raised the crown, shortened the brims and slightly changed their shape.
This is how the Hunter Leather Hat v.4 Inspired Bloodborne appeared – and we have already added it to our store.

For 7 years we have collected a huge portfolio and we are proud to have helped so many people in creating costumes 🙂

At the moment, 5 basic models are available for order (you can find them in our shop).
However, we are always open to new ideas, so feel free to write to us 🙂

Our IU (PayPal available) – here.
Our shop – Pinkoi.

If you want us to make such a hat for you сontact us –

You can find us on Artstation and Instagram.


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