LARP accessory set White Orchard inspired Witcher

The other day we were photographing a new gorget and for this occasion we decided to put together all the themed accessories again.

The result was a set “White Orchard” (cape, gorget, hood), inspired by The Witcher universe.
We created all these things at different times, some for spontaneous photo shoots, and some out of interest, but one thing remained unchanged: the desire to get into the atmosphere of the Witcher universe.

The result is quite versatile, but recognizable things that go well with each other.
In addition, the set has a lot of variability…not only due to the functionality of the gorget and layering, but also because of the reversible linen hood, which can give different shades to the same suit.
In differen variations, you can assemble a medic, alchemist, bandit, merchant or magician 🙂

We have already added items from this set to our store on Pinkoi 🙂

Double-sided Linen Hood – here

Leather cape White Orchard –here

Leather Gorget Night watch –here

If you would like us to tailor something especially for you, please, send us an email (

Alex & Anastasia

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