Mickey O’Neil (Gypsy) Leather Hat – Snatch film

Mickey O’Neil (Gypsy) Leather Hat

We decided to show you some new photos from the recent shooting of Mickey’s hat.
Since the model of the fedora hat itself is quite vintage, we decided that a light crossover with such an improvised “nuka-cola” and a radio receiver would be appropriate for it (Fallout fans will understand), since in the Fallout game the characters are often dressed in what was fashionable around middle of the last century.
We hope you enjoy this 🙂

Some description and details.
Genuine leather (goat skin) 0.8 mm (Italy) was used, a leather strip inside from the same leather, but from a thinner one + thinning all the edges on both strips to remove excess thickness, in addition, it looks much neater and more aesthetically pleasing, since there is no folds and inversions do not give a clearly visible volume, and, accordingly, a depressed strip at the transition from 1 layer of skin to 2.
The red polyviscose lining perfectly complements the hat, we are very glad that the customer chose this color, we have long wanted to try and see such a combination in the finished hat.

The brim is made of two layers of leather, cut from one piece of leather (no connecting seams on the brim, which is a distinctive feature of this model), keeps its shape without wire / inserts (molded, finished, stitched in 6 seams), so the hat is very light, this particular one weighs only 167 grams, which is important for everyday wear.
Added this model to the goods on InspireUplift.

And here are some photos in the style of the movie 🙂

Mickey O’Neil (Gypsy) Leather Hat by Svetliy Sudar Workshop

We make each hat according to the individual size of the customer.
We discuss the color and material of the lining before manufacturing (some options, such as silk, affect the cost). The price includes a polyviscose lining by default.

If you want us to make such a hat especially for you, write to us by email svetliysudar@gmail.com or in our store on InspireUplift.
Alex & Anastasia

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