Aragorn (Strider) Costume – (commission for wedding 2021)

Aragorn costume by Svetliy Sudar Leather Arts Workshop

Last summer we did a spontaneous photoshoot of our Aragorn costumes (one of) – it’s time to finally share the photos :))
We sewed this set for a wedding, so we didn’t add any aging (at the request of the customer). We handed over the project urgently, because at that time the parcels went for months…and we tried to finish and send the order as quickly as possible so that it would reach Scotland on time 🙂

Aragorn costume by Svetliy Sudar Leather Arts Workshop

Nevertheless, we were able to find time to go with a suit to the forest location… It was at 6 in the morning (and before that we had been sewing gaiters, a belt and a pouch especially for the photoset all night).

We didn’t get enough sleep at all (and to be honest, we didn’t go to bed that night) and notably fed the mosquitoes during the shooting… :)))
But it was definitely worth it!

P.S. The set consisted of: the gray shirt, the camisole (vest), the duster, the green linen cloak and the bed roll. Everything except Aragorn’s pants is sewn in our Workshop 🙂

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