Our LOTR projects (since 2011)

Today is the day of memory of one of the most amazing writers…
To say Professor Tolkien has touched our lives and inspired so many people to their own creativity: artwork, writing, costuming, film, music, gaming, and so much more is an understatement; but it’s how much his work still lifts our imagination and hearts that will endear him to us forever.
Here is a selection of our works in the Lord of the Rings universe from 2011 to the present as tribute in honour J.R.R. Tolkien.

Faramir’s vest is one of the very first works on The Lord of the Rings (2011).
Elven boots based on Elrond boots (2013).

There is a separate article about these boots, there are more photos. 🙂

Leather diary Mearas (2013)

There is a very detailed article about this diary: how we selected the leather, drew the design and much more – here.

Leather Hobbit’s Backpack (inspired Bilbo Baggins) 2013

This backpack is one of our favorite works on this universe so far)) We talked in great detail about the work on it here.

Leather Journal Ithildin (inspired Moria, LOTR) 2013

More photos – here 🙂

Leather Journal Nazgul (2013)
Strider duster (inspired Aragorn LOTR) 2015

This is the very first version of Aragorn’s duster, which we sewed back in 2015 🙂 You can read about it here.

Leather Journal Mithrandir (2015)
Aragorn leather vest (replica) 2016/2017

More photos – here.

And some more details about this vest can be found in our article on creating a Strider costume.

Aragorn gray shirt
Aragorn’s glove
Aragorn’s duster (Strider) 2021

This duster deserves a separate article… In the meantime, you can read about it in a summary article about a replica of Aragorn’s costume.

Strider’s bed-roll (2021)
Strider’s quiver (2022)
Cape based on the cloak of the Fellowship of the Ring.

All the things that you have seen, we do with my wife with our own hands. We accept orders, so feel free to ask us – svetliysudar@gmail.com

We gradually place all our products in shop, but if you don’t find something, just ask us 🙂

Our shop on Inspieruplift

To keep abreast of our projects, subscribe to our Instagram.  

Thank you for reading! We’d love your feedback ^_^
Alex & Anastasia

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