Dante Leather Long Coat (inspired by Devil May Cry 4)

Dante Leather Long Coat

One of our most beloved and, despite the past years, still one of the most difficult of our works is Dante’s leather long coat (a replica of the game “Devil May Cry”).

Genuine leather and velour. Modeled and tailored according to the customer measurements while maintaining the proportions of the concept.

69 leather parts and over 130 hours of work.
A fully functional thing, not just cosplay props!

Archive photos 2014 year.

P.S. Have you noticed how difficult it is to photograph a red thing? :))

If you want us to make such a long coat especially for you, write to us by email svetliysudar@gmail.com.

Our shop on InspireUplift (PayPal available as payment method).


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