Western leather bag Indiana (unisex crossbody handbag)

The unisex leather bag inspired by the wild west.

The exterior is inspired by westerns, but everything inside is very functional:
large common area,
pocket for documents or small things,
pocket with a button for something important and
several compartments for cards.

Width (at widest point) 24 cm (9.5″).
Anterior Wall height under flap 22 cm (8.7″).

The strap is adjustable in length and also has an interchangeable element for a wider range of length changes.

The ripped flap gives the bag a wild look, but everything inside is neatly assembled.
The appearance is complemented by metal rings and beads made of camel bone.

This bag will also perfectly fit into a LARP look (western or fantasy) and will allow you to take all the necessary and important things with you.

One of a kind.
Available in our store.
In addition, you can order a bag from us according to your wishes – just contact us svetliysudar@gmail.com.

The hat from the photos is also available in the store.

Alex & Anastasia


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