About Us (How to order, Return & Refund Policy)


Thank you for visiting our family workshop where we create the unique things made of leather!
We are engaged in working with leather since 2009 and we are always happy to help you to create a unique author’s thing, realizing yours most daring dream!

Handmade leather clothes, leather journals & books, bags, leather shoes, LARP equipment and many other interesting things you can find in our workshop!

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are have any questions, suggestions or custom orders.
If you want us to make something for you – contact us svetliysudar@gmail.com 🙂

Alex & Anastasia

How to order.

To order an individual project, the design of which is already presented in our portfolio, you need to agree with us on the production time and make all the necessary measurements, according to our measurement guide.
To make an individual order, which is not yet in our portfolio, please contact us (via email or feedback form) and describe in detail all your wishes. If necessary, we will prepare sketches for approval. After that, we will be able to agree on the timing and cost of such a project.

After agreeing on all the details, you will be able to make payment in any convenient way for you, and we will prepare for you an invoice for your order for customs clearance while delivery and an official receipt from our customs service after receipt of funds to our account.

Possible payment methods for your order:

  1. payment via Paxum (invoice or direct transfer) or CoronaPay.
  2.  purchase through our online InspireUplift shop (it accept PayPal, GPay, credit/debit cards).

Please note that when buying through marketplaces, the price is higher, since the commission of the intermediary site is added to the cost.

Refunds & Exchanges
If you have any questions about the item, we recommend that you contact us before placing an order. A conversation beforehand can sufficiently reduce the potential time, energy and expenses needed for the refund and exchange process.
Refund requests should be made within 5 work days after receiving the order.
We reserve the right to decline a refund request if it is not made within the 5 work days period after the order arrives at the customer or if it does not meet the terms outlined in our Return Policy. We recommend that you contact us before requesting a refund.
We reserve the right to decline refund requests for the following product types:
Customized products
All items, which was used and changed it’s first condition after that (dirted , damaged etc).

Refund process
Once we receives a request, we’ll contact you within 3 working days.
Once we approves the refund, please return the refund item(s) within 2 working days and send us a separate message via e-mail to notify us. Please also attach the name of the courier and the tracking number.
Once we receives the refund item(s), we’ll verify and complete the refund within 3 working days.
We does not provide exchanges, if only that is not discussed in conversation about your order before.
If you have any questions about the item or order, please contact us.

Legal information.

The person providing tailoring services – Rukavishnikov Alexander Andreevich.
The form of taxation – self-employed payer of professional income tax (PIT).
Taxpayer identification number (TIN) – 504023236772
Russia, Moscow region, Ramensky A.R., Meshchery village, vld.55


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