Payment methods

Right now not all payment systems are available to us due to sanctions.

We have been engaged in work on commission since 2009, so we have already worked out several methods of accepting payments for your orders.
We are gradually moving our products to new marketplaces, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find some products there, it means we just haven’t had time to fill them in yet. Write to us and we will publish the product you are interested in first.

We are currently accepting orders in the following ways:

InspireUplift shop, Paxum and Сryptocurrency.

Placing an order on the InspireUplift marketplacepay via PayPal, GPay and credit/debit cards.

When ordering, we place an order on this marketplace for you, and you can pay for it by PayPal, GPay and credit/debit cards. Or you can buy one of the listings already posted if it matches what you want.

Marketplaces are more convenient because they do not require additional registration in payment systems, but with large amounts, the percentage of their commission fees becomes significant. Therefore, if you are interested in paying through Paxum or cryptocurrency, then write to us and we will calculate the exact cost for you, taking into account the absence of marketplace commissions.


Paxum payment systemdirect payment or invoice.

When ordering, you make a transfer to us for the required amount (direct payment can be made by email address (system like a PayPal) or we send you an invoice in Paxum for payment for the required amount, as we have a fully verified account with an invoice request function.

This system has high security requirements, and it requires a really long identity verification procedure (you will need a scan of your passport, a bank statement and a utility bill in your name and address.). But for a system related to money, security is not superfluous.

Paxum is a Canadian payment system, but as we work fully officially and leatherwork is our legal work (we issue our fiscal receipt from the tax service (after receiving payment – immediately for direct transfers and after receipt of funds for marketplaces, depends of its rules), we were able to complete their full verification with bank details and get an account in their payment system. 

For direct payment via Paxum, the price is about 12 % lower, as there are no marketplace fees.

But since this system is new for us, you will need to make a test payment to check how convenient it is for us and for you.



Direct transfer through a crypto wallet (we have a registered account in Binance) or buying cryptocurrency (USDT) to our account.
Since marketplaces began to offer withdrawals through cryptocurrencies in the current world situation with sanctions, and many masters began to use this, we also registered an account in Binance.

Withdrawal methods involve the purchase and transfer of USDT, since the exchange rate of this cryptocurrency is 1 US Dollar, not dependent on other currencies. If you have a crypto wallet, you can make a payment for your order by transferring to our account or by purchasing the required amount of cryptocurrency immediately to our account (through an exchanger or application convenient for you).
For cryptocurrency, the price is about 15 % lower, as there are no marketplace fees and a bit better final exchange rate.

In all cases, international shipping is already included in the price (we ship by EMS and BxB) and our basic aging/weathering when needed (dirt stains, wear).

Before shipping, we coat our leather goods with a base layer of water-repellent impregnation for leather and suede, when necessary.

With any payment method, payments can be divided in time into several parts, the main condition is full payment before sending the order, even if you’ll pay at full after finishing work with your order.
In this case, the order will be stored in the workshop while you make full payment.

When buying through marketplaces, for large orders or divided payments we’ll need to make a separate first prepayment listing, which we’ll mark as completed right after payment, in order to receive these funds and purchase the necessary materials.

We issue our fiscal receipt for each payment for any method of payment for your order after receipt of funds in our bank account (after receiving payment – immediately for direct transfers and after receipt of funds for marketplaces, depends of its rules).

We also prepare an invoice (electronic or paper) in case it is required for delivery or is needed for your tax reporting (at the request of the customer).

If you have clarifying questions, do not hesitate to ask us 🙂

Best wishes,

Alex & Anastasia
≈ Svetliy Sudar Leather Arts Workshop ≈