Collection of LARP accessory: WAR Trophy Warhammer – May 2015

“WAR is Everywhere” (с)

In harsh and grim world of Warhammer is a place only war. And nothing adorns a warrior so well (in addition to scars, of course) as a necklace of defeated enemy’s teeth.

Your character killing crowds of goblins – hang on your belt a bunch of goblin ears. You collect all sorts of dubious forest mushrooms and dried rats? Then your shaman can not do without vial of extracts from them. Or maybe you’re very lucky witch, on account of which already a dozen of Imperials – then your choices enchanted vial of blood …

Now you have the opportunity to personalize your character by special trophies!

The collection includes eight unique trophies, but it’s just the beginning …;)

The Mark of Disciple of Khaine

The Disciple of Khaine is the shepherd of war, ensuring the bloody slaughter can continue in the name of their dark god. This artifact can be found at the dark priests of the bloody handed god, or those daredevils who have managed to kill one of them.

Materials: leather, wrought iron ring, acrylic.

Dimensions: 2,4 x 3,4 inch (mark), 2,4 x 8 inch (with a loop).

Available on Etsy!


The vial with a strange potion

The pockets of the shaman are always full of a variety shaman fetishes and accessories.  Among them can be found a bottle with some dubious brew, hung with small bones, teeth and feathers.  And if you managed to defeat the shaman, hang it on your belt … for good luck.

Materials: plastic (bottle), cork, feathers, polymer clay, acrylic, leather.

Dimensions: height 3,7 inch.


A bunch of goblin ears

This trophy will adorn any warrior of Order … especially someone who has a personal scores with a greenskins.

Materials: vegtanned leather, wrought iron hook, fox canine, duck feathers, copper rings, acrylic.

Dimensions: ears 8,8 inch.

Available on Etsy!


Marauder’s belt pouch  

Judging by the rough stitches, mark of chaos and suspicious leather, this bag was sewn by some handyman from the number of followers of Chaos.  Perhaps even from some residents of border villages…

Materials: vegtanned leather, coarse thread, forged iron rings.

Dimensions: 4,1 x 4,1 x 1,6 inch.


The old tin spoon

This spoon most likely a goblin snatched from some imperial village, but judging by the laces with bones and teeth wound on it, he has no idea how to use it for other purposes, so this is just another one of his many “jewelry “… that glittered and rang …

Materials: tin, polymer clay, leather.

Dimensions: length approximately 7,3 inch.

Available on Etsy!


Enchanted phial with sacrificial blood

Witch Elves, virgin women symbolically married to Khaine, the god of war and murder. This phial is filled with sacrificial blood, and is crowned by the sign of God with bloody hands.

Materials: plastic, vegtanned leather, epoxy, acrylic, wrought iron ring.

Dimensions: height 6.5 inch.

Available on Etsy!


The book of Zealot  “Path of Witchcraft”

Zealots are the support career of the Chaos Raven Host army, who also do ranged damage. Zealots are fanatical crazed worshippers of the Ruinous Powers  and use Dark Rituals and Harbingers to conferbuffs and heals to his allies, while debuffing his enemies.

This book certainly contains powerful spells. The only pity that to understand her symbols can only followers of the gods of Chaos. Although taken from the body of the enemy, it will serve as a good reminder of the glorious victory!

Materials: leather, metal (chain-suspension), paper, epoxy resin (inlay).

Dimensions: block  2.5 x 4.5 inch, 1,25 inch thickness of the book, overall depth of 7 inch.


Belt pouch of Warrior Priest

This imperial waist bag has been spotted on the belt of a goblin, who keeps in it his “little things and sweets.”  Maybe he took it off from the corpse of the fallen noble knight, or priest, though, probably just took off from the sleeping one. So, most likely, someone is already looking for her to return …

Materials: leather, vintage leather, acrylic.

Dimensions: 5,1 (3,5) * 6 * 2 inch.


Available on Etsy!

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