Leather wallet “Capricorn”


Leather handmade wallet “Capricorn” from our new collection “Medieval Horoscope”.

This can be an excellent gift for all lovers of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and just connoisseurs of beautiful things!

The basis of this painting is a schematic depiction of the constellation of Capricorn. It is complemented by the stylization of this mythical animal in monochrome color.
Stars twinkle in reflected light and this effect gives the wallet a special fabulous charm! ^_^


To maintain the overall medieval style in the design of the frame, we used floral ornament and font of the 15th century.


In order to make a relief pattern of the frame, we used pyrography. This choice was not accidental. Pyrography, unlike hot stamping, gives the pattern a light silvery sheen. And this effect connects all the elements of this composition.

As for colors…we decided to choose the natural colors of stained oak and lush foliage.


Inside the wallet has one compartment for cash, three pockets for cards and one for coins.
There is a leather strap with a button for closing.

The monogram is inscribed in the pattern of the frame in capital letters.

Wallet Size: 4.73″ x 3.86″ (when closed).



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If you want to order a personalized wallet:

– we can change the sign of the zodiac
– we can change the color scheme
– we can change the monogram or replace it with an ornament

All this is included in the indicated cost.


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