Prince of Persia (2008) – creating a costume (part 1)

Suddenly, our workshop turned into a motley oriental bazaar: there are fabrics of various colors everywhere, exotic leathers, luxurious jewelry and outlandish artifacts…
And all because this summer we took up the making of the costume of none other than the Prince of Persia himself! 😉

But before we get started, it’s worth getting to know the character closer…

Despite the fact that all the protagonists of the Prince of Persia franchise are called the Princes, in fact there are several different characters. All of them exist in various fictional universes and are not related to each other. Each Prince has outstanding acrobatic and fencing abilities and fights the evil.

And if the very first Prince, developed by Jordan Mechner, and first appeared in the 1989 game, really was the heir to the throne…then at the restart of 2008 there was no royal blood in him, but had to earn this title during his Journey.

Mechner admitted that his inspiration for the character’s athleticism was the opening ten minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark, referencing main character Indiana Jones’ approach to situations encountered. Also the character was based on multiple similar figures in ancient literature, including One Thousand and One Nights.

Initially, the Prince’s costume was a simple white garment, but then was remade in a turban and baggy pants. Originally a plain figure in white clothing, the Prince was restyled for its Japanese release in a turban and baggy pants. This look pleased Mechner, and became associated with the character during the original trilogy. Speaking in 2010, Mechner said that during his time writing the series bible for the production of future Prince of Persia games, he was attempting to force the character into the conventions of western fiction, forgetting the character’s literary origins.

And finally, the third version of the Prince’s costume, which appeared in 2008, returned to us the spirit of an oriental tale and adventurism…Ben Mattes, the reboot’s producer, explained that the inspiration for the character design of the prince was to express how he will eventually become a prince through an epic journey.

Additional inspiration was drawn from characters such as Sinbad from One Thousand and One Nights, Han Solo from Star Wars, and Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings. Mattes explained that when designing the character, Ubisoft wanted to communicate visually the dichotomy of the life of an adventurer. The prince wears red and blue cloth as a turban and scarves, a sign of wealth. However, he also wears plain leather leggings to help protect his legs, instead of opting for fashion.

And such contradictions are found literally in every detail of his costume, while creating a unique holistic look!

Well…it seems that we have already intrigued you enough…And now we should start working…

After all, an exciting Adventure awaits us..! And we will take you with us! 😉

If you want us to make such a costume for you – contact us 🙂


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