Leather Elven boots (inspired boots of Elrond) – July 2013

These leather boots we sewed specially dedicated to the role-playing game of Middle-earth (The First Age).
Our task was to create an interesting elf shoes, comfortable on so much that it could run for days on Forests in any weather 🙂
On the creation of such a model was inspired boots lord Elrond from the trilogy Lord of the Rings.
Our plan was not to create an exact replica of the boots, so we are retaining basic construction, developed for their own design.
Boots are soft and sewn exactly on the leg that allows you to conveniently and securely laces them.
Over the knee boots additionally lock button that, when run, they do not slip down the leg.
Color scheme carried out by the customer, but they certainly can sew in any color.

Since these boots are sewn specifically for LARP, their sole is also made of leather and equipped with a dialer heel. However, to be worn in the city they can be put on the sole of the polymer.

If you want us to make such a hat for you on your size – contact us svetliysudar@gmail.com 🙂



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