The best leather goods from Winterfell to Novigrad!


When we made the patterns for the Jon Snow’s gorget, we had to first make a test sample.

And we have chosen for this purpose the remains of black leather with a suitable thickness.

The pattern turned out very successful. We have a one-piece gorget, which is worn over the head and fixed on the neck with a buckle.

It is an exact replica of Jon Snow’s gorget, but because of the black color (dark brown in the original), it turned out to be more like leather accessories from The Witcher.

Therefore, we decided to call it “Gorget from the Bits”.

This gorget is available and suitable for head size up to 60 cm.

il_794xn.1844694506_7277In addition, we can make for you a custom gorget of any color on this pattern.

Jon Snow’s Gorget in brown and quilted armor you can find here.

We gradually place all our products in stores, but if you don’t find something, just ask us 🙂
Our store on Pinkoi
Our store on Inspieruplift

Instagram – here!

We accept transfers PayPal :) (Smile)

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